A response to Jill Singer

October 27, 2011

On 26 October 2011, Jill Singer of the Herald Sun wrote an article entitled “Race fans deny their inner ghoul“. I came across the article from a retweet from Greg Rust, the channel Ten / One motor sport presenter. After reading the article, I whole heartily disagreeing with Jill’s opinion, and wrote a rational comment on the Herald Sun website that for whatever reason they have not published, so I’ve decided to publish it myself, below.

You can read Jill’s article here, and my comment below.

Jill, from reading your article it appears that you understand nothing about motor sport fans; as demonstrated by your assumption that only men are fans. In your article you have further demonstrated your ignorance by applying a broad generalisation that all motor sports fans secretly wish injury or death upon its participants. As everyone knows generalisations are always wrong. For every fan there are a many different reasons as to why they enjoy motor sport, and for the vast majority of those fans, injury and death is the last thing they want to see. Your suggestion that people are faking grief to hide enjoyment from someone’s death is truly disturbing, and actually says a whole heap about your own personality. Finally the quotes you use to try and prove your point of view have been used out of context, with maybe the exception of Tim Dahlberg’s; Tim’s quote however is his own opinion, rather than fact.



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